Innerspring Mattress Guide: Dissecting the Traditional Mattress

When you think of a mattress, you are probably envisioning an “innerspring” mattress, meaning one whose core contains some amount of coil springs. Innerspring mattresses have long been the standard in the mattress industry, and still represent over 80% of the mattress market. Most innerspring mattresses look relatively similar from the outside, but take a closer look and you’ll find huge differences. Here are the basics of “innerspring anatomy” that will help you learn how to distinguish one innerspring bed from another, and figure out which one might be right for you.


Discover the important differences among mattress coils, and hear how they vary in support and durability.


Learn about the many components of mattress padding that determine a bed’s comfort level, including memory foam, pillow-tops, Euro-tops, quilting, tufting, and ticking.


Find out how foundations, such as box springs, torsion modules, and low-profile foundations, can affect the support and durability of your bed.